With the growing need of reporting to the legal and regulatory authorities, as well as the entrance of foreign companies operating in Portugal, it became necessary to ensure that the information systems are able to deliver it in a sustainable way.

ToInovate offers a service that allows your partners to obtain all the Finantial Statements and legal reports required by Law, directly from your SAP ERP.
Always mindful to market demands and to all the contingency driven from legal requirements, ToInovate has several years of expertise in several customers implementing SAF-T PT. We know the impact that legal changes can raise to operational systems, and we have proven experience how to deliver it faster and with quality.

By doing a smooth change on the installed systems, ToInovate has a solution for immediately answer to fulfil the legal requirements presented on the Decreto-Lei nº 238/2006, from 20th December 2006, article 115º - nº. 8. this model adoption allows the companies to fulfil the requirements for obtaining all the information from inspection services and to facilitates his processing. By doing that, ToInovate avoids the need for specialized auditing in the several systems therefor simplifying procedures and boosting the use of new technologies.

SAFT-PT Package

SAF-T is a file that contains reliable accountable data, that we can export from an original Accounting System, for a specific period, and easily read due to standard layout and format. This file can then be used by local Tax Authorities with the purpose of verifying the accordance to the Law.
For the Official Account technicians (Técnicos Oficiais de Contas), as the trusted employees for management, the file SAF-T(PT), thru incorporating in is content all the invoicing and accounting from the taxable subject, will become an important tool that simplifies some of the daily tasks.
ToInovate is committed to develop Solutions that provides thier partners the fulfilment of legal and business requirements. As a result of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area / Área Única de Pagamentos em Euros) introduction in January 2008, and in what concerns to payment executions within the EU, borders disappear.
The organizations therefor should adapt and innovate in order to maximize all the benefits operational and strategic that SEPA will provide, namely:

  • Efficiencies;
  • Administrative practices harmonization and simplification;
  • Centralization and organizational costs reductions;
  • Easy access to competitive prices and services.

    Aware of the needs that companies who runs SAP systems have, Toinovate is the perfect partner to implement the SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer / Transferências a Crédito SEPA) solution.
    The new Orthographic Agreement from January 2009, was initially adopted only by some communication Media. On 2014 all the Services, Organisms and Governmental Entities, should have to update all their communications facing the Agreement.

    The Agreement aims to end two different orthographic rules; one at Brazil e other for all the other Portuguese speaking countries. With a single standard Agreement, Portuguese will increased the international prestige as well be able to expand and consolidate.

    In SAP environments there can be found customer developments which contains messages, headlines, labels, mails and all a set of other texts needed for the rightful presentation of contents.

    Due to the complexity of conversion rules, to the high range of ABAP objects and the high number of code lines in this systems, you can only perform a process of identification and conversion using computer tools.

    The Process

    Using a sequence of procedures we analyze, detect and convert the source code of SAP objects:

    1. Source code extraction – Identify the objects to analyse e code extraction for the conversion: Sapscripts, Smartforms, ABAP reports, selection texts, Function Modules, Text messages, etc.
    2. Technical Conversion – Automatic conversion of source code, according with the rules of the Orthographical Agreement.
    3. Conversion management – Interactive tool used for results analysis. This tool allows to analyse and manage the adequacy process from original code to convert code.

    When the State Budget is not approved timely, the public entities are forced to adjust their systems in order to operate with a Transitional Budget until the new Budget be approved.

    For this purpose a version of a specific budget is defined for the transitional budget period. The transitional Budget is then started and all the operations are initiated in the same way the approved budget works.

    After the new budget approval, the necessary conversion from all the movements of the transitional budget to the new budget is needed.

    For this matter, Toinovate had defined na approach that offers a Solutions for each specifical need, and allows:

    • Maintenance of all processes history;
    • Availability of queries to the several budget versions;
    • Flexibility in defining conversion rules;
    • Total transparency for end users;
    • Availability of budgetary reclassification tool.
    Every year each organism is responsible for budgetary preparation. It is a hard and slow task, mainly due to the lack of proper tools for this process.

    The SAP PSM module offers the functionality to use budget planning. Through the proper parameterization, it is possible to define de process of Budgeting preparation, adjusting the system to the necessities of each organism.


    • Allows decentralization in budget planning;
    • Flexibility in defining derivation rules;
    • Easy control for work versions and historical maintenance;
    • Centralize access to Data;
    • Allows comparative analysis between real and planning;
    • Allows the use of Excel functionalities in na integrated way;
    • Time and effort reduction in preparation.