Costumer Relationship Management


Campaign ManagementAllows process control in Marketing campaigns in all the different stages: Planning, Conception, Realization, Coordination and Monitoring. It also allows the making of personalized campaigns through different communication channels.Marketing processes are integrated in the opportunity management process. This would make easier and also automates the entire cycle of Pre-Sale.Marketing AnalysisThe growing need for information, to reduce the costs of bad data, between other reasons, are the main factors for Business Intelligence being imperative for all organizations. SAP CRM Marketing Solution has a wide range of functionalities that covers this needs.Customer SegmentationCustomer segmentation and target-groups definition is presented in a graphical tool within SAP CRM, which allows marketing professionals to develop their work by their own, without using IT professionals.Activity PlanningThe Marketing Plan can be used within SAP CRM, increasing the ability to coordinate and optimize marketing resources.

SAP CRM Marketing Solutions allows automating and optimization of planning, budgeting and execution for all the Marketing initiatives. It’s a solution that can be sed standalone or in a integrated way with SAP ERP, sharing the same master data as customers and products. The following areas are covered from the solution:
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Management
  • Analysis of Marketing
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Planning Activities

Sales Force Automation

Noting the importance of a full field of commercial information in its various forms, accessible in real time, quickly and easily to your business and Sales Team, we developed the package SAP CRM / Sales Force Automation.

The aim is to reduce the burden of managing and archiving information, alleviating the frustration of their business, by providing a unique and knowledgeable bridge between the company and its customers.
Process SFA

  • Customer Management
  • Management Activities
  • Sales Assistants
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Management Opportunities
  • Management Quotes
  • Management Contracts and Addenda
  • Performance Pipeline Mng
  • CRM Analytics

SAP IT Service Management Package

Today companies intend to transform their IT departments in strategic business partners, integrated with the organization to meet corporate objectives. More than providers of technology services, IT departments need to face their users as customers. This requires a focus on quality, transparency, cost management and customer satisfaction. SAP IT Service Management (SAP ITSM) application SAP CRM enables organizations to implement and carry out IT service management by meeting the needs of business and simultaneously minimizing costs and response times.

To reduce costs and increase the contribution of the IT organization for global business objectives SAP ITSM uses:
  • IT Service Management Processes
  • Integration with SAP ERP
  • ITIL Compliance