Application Lifecycle Management

Deliver change in-time and in-quality

SAP Solution Manager supports the centralized control of all types of changes that become necessary during the lifecycle of solutions.
During the entire project, the knowledge accumulated here is continuously expanded and recorded in the solution documentation in a visible and understandable manner.

After going live, all information from the project is transferred to the solution in SAP Solution Manager. The advantage of this approach is that the collected knowledge from the project is made available to the teams who operate the live solution without media discontinuities.

SAP calls this knowledge "Single Source of Truth," a structured, comprehensive, standardized, and above all reliable collection of information about all ongoing projects and the status of the productive SAP solution, which in turn is the basis for informed, fact-based decisions and measures during the entire lifecycle of the solution.
Solution Implementation involves the identification, adaptation, and implementation of new and enhanced future proof business and technical scenarios. Within Solution Implementation you will get a set of capabilities supporting your project along the whole project lifecycle. It is designed to decouple technical installation from business innovation, and uses SAP Solution Manager to implement innovation within the system landscape.
All changes during the implementation of the solution can be monitored and controlled through quality gate management. This function integrates all persons involved in the release into the change process and offers defined milestones and handover processes in case of significant phase transitions of the project – from build to test, for example. This includes effective and efficient test management.

SAP Solution Manager offers functions for test automation that allow you to ensure that all required test cases are available and that they support automated regression tests, as well as improved maintenance of test scripts. You can also define your test scope on a risk basis.
• Enables a centralized and common incident and issue message processing in multiple organization levels.

• Offers a communication channel with all relevant stakeholders of an incident.

• Is integrated in all ALM processes of SAP Solution Manager and Sap managed systems.

• Includes follow up activities such as knowledge research, root cause analysis or Change Management.